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Design of wooden houses

According to the current legal norms, most private houses belong to the Consequences of Impact (Responsibility) of a building or structure CC1 (minor consequences).

During the construction of such buildings and structures, the contractor does not need to have a license to the Developer wishing to carry out construction (new construction, reconstruction, major repairs or restoration) of an individual residential (estate), summer cottage or garden house not higher than 2 (two) floors (attic floor is not taken into account with a total area of not more than 300m.kv, household buildings and garages ... it is enough to have a draft design.

Standard draft design which consists of the following sections:

1. Explanatory note, a section in which construction standards, fire safety standards, protection standards, etc. are indicated. Technical and economic indicators are briefly described, the area of the site and buildings, the number of floors, the construction volume, and also information on design solutions are indicated (for example, wall material parameters, overlap, etc.)
2. Perspective views give an idea of how the house will look from all sides in a 3D projection.
3. Surface planning solutions recommend placement of furniture, as well as placement of engineering points of the bathroom and kitchen.
4. Floor plans indicate the size and area of all rooms, openings and staircases.
5. Facades show the main levels of elevation marks for windows, doors, basement, height of floors, fences, gables, roofs.
6. Sections show additional important information on the inside of the house.
7. Plan of the foundation shows the required dimensions, constructive, reinforcement scheme.
8. Plans for floor beams and rafters, layout of beams, rafters, height, dimensions of their section.
9. The roof plan shows the roof geometry, basic dimensions.
10. The specification of filling window and door openings shows the sizes of windows and doors, the number and directions of their opening.
11. Plans for lighting and sockets, location of sockets, switches, lamps with bindings horizontally and vertically

The cost of the draft project is about 80-120 UAH m2 of total area, depending on the area and complexity of the project

If the following architectural solutions are added to the DD (draft design) package:

  • Section RCS - reinforced concrete and stone structures

  • section "WS" - wooden structures

  • section "WS" - water and sewage

  • section "HV" - heating and ventilation

  • Section "E" - internal power supply and lighting

  • section "GP" - plot general plan

We get the WD (working draft), the cost of such a complex is 200-350 UAH / m2.

In practice, sections "WS", "HV", "E" - are developed and provided free of charge.

The design is carried out on the basis of existing building codes and industry standards:

  • Stud 4,1-2011 approved by the Association of Wooden Housing in Russia
  • Standard "XTT Ryu 2010" approved by the Finnish Association of log construction






Example of design draft1
Example of design draft2