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Profiled log house (projects and price)

The popularity of country houses is increasing every day, as it is more comfortable to live in a real green zone than in the best residential complexes located in the city. But some believe that this is also not enough, so they order houses from a profiled log (projects and prices), since such houses are completely environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in houses from a profiled log, our projects and prices will be among the most optimal in the whole country, since we have an established system of supply of materials and construction. All works on the construction of the building occur in several stages, which are clearly highlighted and marked. For example, we are not trying to start building a house from a profiled log immediately, projects and prices are what customers first need.

If you want to order a profiled log house, et projects and prices from us, you can find out everything from our employee, who will carefully carry out all measurements, calculations and inform you about the amount.

Profiled log house (projects and price)The reason a number of preparation stages are needed is that the construction of a house from a profiled log (projects and prices) requires careful calculations and selection of the necessary material. Therefore, we try to resolve all issues and make calculations before starting a full-fledged construction. This approach allows you to minimize unnecessary expenses and do all the work as quickly as possible, without delaying time.

If you want a house from a profiled log, the projects and prices may differ. For example, you can choose a suitable tree, make some changes to the project, or choose a place located in another region. All these factors can affect the final cost, which can be both higher and lower. But in any case, we offer only the best options for construction, offering materials and types of work, suitable for a variety of budgets.