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Profiled log house (price)

Just a few decades ago, wooden houses for living were considered cold and not practical, and those who could not afford to build a stone one, built them. But today the situation has completely changed, and this is evidenced by the popularity of houses from profiled logs, the price of which is higher than a stone/brick one.

Profiled log house (price)Although the price of a house made of profiled log can be higher, but the characteristics and qualities they possess are definitely worth it. Our company is engaged in the integrated construction of wooden houses, so we have a well-established supply system of materials, ready-made layouts and much more. The only thing you need to do is just to call us and tell us that you need a house from profiled logs, the price of which will depend on several details of the order.

If you have always dreamed of getting a log house (price) or another type of wood, then our company is ready to offer you variety and choice. It is through our services that you will receive your dream home.

Construction of a profiled log house (Price) occurs in several stages, since such a process requires considerable effort and accuracy. It all starts with the fact that you make an order, giving us all the information about what you would like to see. After that, our employee must take all measurements, look at the terrain and calculate the cost, this is how you will understand how much your building will cost.

The price of a house made of profiled logs does not significantly exceed similar brick buildings, but in return you will receive a warm and beautiful dwelling that perfectly suits both the natural landscape and the view of the city.