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A piece of wood in your home

Log houses as we build

The quality of the future house is determined by the quality of the source material as well as the skill and experience of the carpenter, from his ability to properly and efficiently make a cup, a lock for joining logs. We abandoned the curate cups for a long time. Our long-term experience in this field has shown that only a manual cutting method is possible to achieve the required quality of log laying. Our carpenters are people with vast experience, each team has its own little secrets in work: customization tools for marking and selecting cups, individual approach to work, their own corporate style, but we all share one approach to business: quality. The result is a cup (lock) of the desired shape, we have a dense docking of the logs and realized invisible to the non-professional look, but very important nuances for proper shrinkage and reliability of the log house. At observance of all stages of technology, our houses are “not blown out”, living in them, as well as the construction process itself for the customer, brings only positive emotions. With an equally high degree of responsibility, we come to work on a small budget house and a large expensive object.

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зарезка чашек
This is how our masters work (cupping)


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