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Affordable log house (price)

Looking for strong turnkey log home, cheaply? You will like the prices and quality of the company "Karpatska Yalitsya". We successfully carry out the construction process of a wide variety of structures. We use only real and high-quality material in our work, which with confidence will serve you with reliability and durability. Using the services that we offer, you will get a full cycle of professionally done work.

Affordable log house (price)If you are interested in cheap houses, turnkey (reasonable prices), then immediately choose our company. We have a huge experience in this field and a large number of projects made. The excellent reputation of the company and its professionalism affects the fact that customers regularly contact us.

You can order a cheap log house with confidence in its durability. After all, the used real and high-quality material by our company will guarantee the long life of your house.

In our company, you can order turnkey log houses (low prices). This is a very profitable solution that will bring you the pleasure of staying in such a building.

We offer you cheap log homes, turnkey prices which are quite adequate. Wooden buildings are very popular among customers. They have a solid and charming appearance. Everyone can appreciate the attractiveness of such a structure.

The company "Karpatska Yalitsa" offers you a cheap log house. The prices that we offer you will please you.